Instruction to authors, style files

The TAL journal prompts articles on all themes related to Computational Linguistics or Natural Language Processing. Call for papers are issued on a regular basis : they can focus on specific themes, or be opened to all relevant sub-domains of the field (Varia). The journal only publishes original contributions, meaning that the work described has not been published before; that it is not under consideration for publication anywhere else; that its publication has been approved by all co-authors, if any, as well as by the responsible authorities at the institute where the work has been carried out.

Papers can also be submitted spontaneously to the journal. They should be addressed directly to the editors (contact).

Language policy: TAL publishes papers in French and in English; however, papers authored by French speakers should be written exclusively in French.

Detailed instructions to authors are available at this address, on Hermès-Lavoisier web site.

However, make sure to use the more recent style files

Once the papers have been accepted for publication and finalized, we require ’’each author’’ to sign and return to the editors the copyright cession form.

More information about submission can be found in the instructions to authors.

Caveat when writing English articles with the LaTeX and BibTeX style files.

The correct way to write English articles with the LaTeX and BibTeX style files is to start your paper with:


Incorrect style files have been in circulation. Please always use the current style files (pointer above).


-  Spurious spaces after bibliography titles. (17/5/2007)

Solution: update style files (pointer above) and use above-mentioned \documentclass invocation.

Several authors encountered the following issue: an extra space was inserted in bibliography entries between the title of a paper and the following comma.

This was linked to the way the style file was switched to English. A version of the style file which was wired into handling English in an inappropriate way (changing the style file with a \frenchlangfalse) has circulated and should be replaced with the current one. The article-hermes.cls file now has a correct \frenchlangtrue which is used by default, and is overriden by the english option that you pass to \documentclass[english]{article-hermes}. This commands, among other things, the use of English double quotes around paper titles in the bibliography (by default, French double quotes are used, and as they were undefined, they didn’t print).

The biblio-hermes.bst file also now avoids adding space inside the double quotes (which is required for French double quotes). This caused spurious spaces after titles (and extra space before titles in French). The combination of these two corrections should lead to a correct layout of the bibliography. It also cites papers with two authors as (Author1 and Author2) instead of (Author1 et al.).

copyright cession form