MyAnnotator : A Tool for Technology- Mediated Written Corrective Feedback

Marie-Josée Hamel*, Nikolay Slavkov*, Diana Inkpen** and Dingwen Xiao**
*University of Ottawa; Official Languages and Bilingualism Institute (OLBI)
**University of Ottawa; School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science 70 Laurier Ave East, Room 130 / 800 King Edward Ottawa, ON, K1N 6N5, Canada
Résumé (en anglais)
This article reviews some long-standing issues in the literature on written corrective feedback (WCF), discusses the potential of technology to support some of the tasks involved in the essay marking process, and then presents a new error annotation tool, MyAnnotator, developed by the authors with the purpose of facilitating technology-mediated corrective feedback. We offer an overview of different types of electronic tools that can be used in the teaching of writing, including editors, correctors and annotators, and then draw brief comparisons between MyAnnotator and other similar tools. We demonstrate some of the affordances of our tool and capitalize on its openness and flexibility in facilitating various theoretical and practical approaches to feedback. We conclude with suggestions for future work in natural language processing (NLP) and data driven learning (DDL) possibilities related to our tool.
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